Bliss loves her people and also loves playing with stuffed toys. She enjoys going for walks and spending time with people she knows and trusts. Bliss is so beautiful that one might wonder why she is still here at the Sanctuary, instead of home sleeping on the sofa.

Well, that question is answered as soon as a stranger walks by her run. Bliss is not blissful when people she doesn’t know walk near her area in Dogtown. She is barrier reactive, which means that she gets anxious and wants to scare off anyone she doesn’t know from coming into her space. In her mind, the best defense for stranger danger is to put on a loud frantic show so that the perceived threat gives up and walks away.

Barrier reactivity is not all that uncommon. But it’s difficult for a potential adopter to see past the barking and snarling show, to stay and meet that same dog in a more comfortable setting.

Once Bliss becomes your friend, the show changes from go away to a happy little tap dance greeting. She’s a leaner and likes to keep some part of her body touching her humans.

She has a very sweet soul that could flourish in the right home. Until that happens, rest assured that Bliss is loved and cared for right here at the Sanctuary.

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