Juanita's heroic rescue is recounted here. Now that her body is better, her emotional well-being is the focus of her devoted caregivers.

Since the day her rescuers found her, Juanita has only known kindness from everyone she meets. And even though it’s hard for her, she’s giving people a chance. She’s coming around, greeting her caregivers with tail wags and slowly warming up to volunteers.

Juanita begins to make friends

“Juanita is a rock star,” says Dogtown caregiver Adam Stahlnecker. “She’s really been working hard on her shyness, and it's really starting to show in her interactions with people and leashing her up. She even let me put a costume on her for Halloween.”

Thanks to that determination, this once-desperate dog has a future and a chance to find the loving home she deserves.