Legion makes the best faces while catching cookiesLegion was saved from a horrible existence. Chained to a wall, living in his own filth, literally moments before being taken to what likely would have been his death, Legion’s own guardian angel swept in and saved his life.

From that moment on, Legion’s angels worked tirelessly to get him to safety. Eventually, the big brindle guy made his way from Montana to Colorado and finally to the Sanctuary.

Legion’s caregivers absolutely adore this big goofy guy and he adores them. The whole world revolves around his people ― strangers not so much.

Therein lies the rub. Legion on a leash can sometimes make poor decisions. It’s likely the result of his past trauma, but it is very unpredictable. Legion can sometimes decide that he needs to vigorously protect the caregiver holding his leash at the most innocent of times. He also can sometimes forget people he used to know. Working with Legion every day is the key to making it clear to him that you are a friend. But it can sometimes be rocky when a prior caregiver wants to say hello, because they usually have to start over getting to know him again.

LeeLee loves his toysAll quirks aside, Legion is well loved here. You’ve never seen a happier dog than when he gets a new toy. He absolutely thinks it’s the best day ever ― every single time. He’s working on becoming a champion cookie catcher. His eyes get enormous, and the drool starts flowing in anticipation.  

It’s not all fun and games, though. Caregivers work diligently to help him feel safe and be safe on a leash. He’s a great walker, and he is learning to heel on his handler’s right side in addition to the left. That way his caregiver can always be between the perceived threat and the dog to intervene and remind Legion that the days of having to be on guard are behind him. Today Legion only needs to focus on catching cookies before they hit the snow and having another best day ever.