It is monsoon season in southern Utah. We get frequent heavy (sometimes very heavy) rain. It's a nice break from the dry, hot weather. Some dogs seem to like it more than others. Leona is one of those.

Today she was very busy digging a perfect hole. If I had to guess, too often the dry sand doesn't dig the way Leona likes it — because today this surprising senior, who really doesn’t act like a 10-year-old, had a mission on her mind. With the sand still damp from overnight rains, it was more like sculpting clay. Leona took advantage and dug a deep hole with crisp edges. It was perfect, and looked like someone had used fancy excavation equipment, not fuzzy front feet.

Once it was perfect, Leona was done. Without even a goodbye glance she made a beeline to some very nice volunteers, who had been patiently waiting to visit with her. She sat right down and joined the family for some small talk and belly rubs.

Throughout their gentle petting, Leona never bothered to shake off the sand she was wearing allover her face like pixie dust. As I was leaving, I overheard the newly smitten family inquiring if Leona might be available for a sleepover.

Good work Leona! Maybe the sand here at the Sanctuary does have magical properties.

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