Maisie is a white cat with bold black patches, but she is anything but bold. Because Maisie is more comfortable watching people than interacting with them, she likes to keep her distance. But Maisie is getting braver with the help of slow and steady relationship building from caregivers and volunteers — which basically means friendship on her terms and in her time. A gentle blink from just out of arm’s reach is as meaningful a hello as a cat wrapped around your ankles purring up a storm.

Recently, Maisie’s progress was on display at Niblet’s Nest, her home at Cat World. The combination of warm fall sunlight and no pressure allowed her to feel secure enough to stay around while a number of visitors took photos and met some of her feline companions.  

Maisie is in good health and would make a wonderful addition to a quiet home. She’d be perfect for someone who could respect her independent nature and celebrate the small subtle victories of her ever-growing bravery.

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