"Botched declaw" is the first note on Samson’s file. When you look at him, you notice something odd about his front feet. I had never seen anything like it. For whatever reason, the fur on his front feet is flecked with white, as if the scars from the terrible declaw impacted the hair as well as his toes.  

Samson has white hair on his feet.

Not much bothers Samson except, understandably, messing with his front feet. His steady gaze and his rumbling purr welcomed me as he lounged on a shelf Jill’s Diner.  He’s about 10 1/2 years old and arrived at the Sanctuary about one year ago. He fits in well, but prefers the company of people over cats.

If you have always dreamed of having your very own panther, this striking big boy could be perfect for you. You’ll need to be mindful of his front feet, and you may have to try a few brands of cat litter to ensure Samson uses his litter box. Litter box issues are common with declawed kitties. If your feet hurt, and you had to dig through gravel to do your business, you might also appreciate a finer, lighter sand.