Named after the 1993 movie, these littermates and best buddies are a little older than our usual puppy new arrivals, but oh so cute!

These five are around 7 months old and are likely going to be medium to large in size. Some sport scruffy muzzles which bring to mind a dollop of terrier in their genetic mix. We don't really know, without genetic testing it is just a guess at best. But those catfish-like whiskers make guessing so much fun!  

What we do know is that these guys are super sweet and a little shy. But just a little. They love spending time wrestling, eating treats and napping.

Puppies wrestle with each other

Once the pups (Smalls, Squints, Ham, Repeat and Yeah-Yeah) are neutered and cleared by our veterinary team, they'll be ready for a home of their own.

You can help too. From welcome gift baskets to puppy care kits, you can give a holiday gift this season that makes all the difference for new arrivals at the Sanctuary. Give a lifesaving gift that gives back.

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