Christmas of 2017 was a good one for Sid. That’s when he arrived at Best Friends and started his rehabilitation.

He has taken full advantage of this fresh start. He’s made new friends, won the hearts of all his caregivers and has brought us all a taste of The Shire. That’s a shout out to hobbits and not a breed of horse.

"Sid ate multiple times a day. He got breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch and so on, and we made all the food mushy for him, because he has no teeth,” says Jen Reid, manager of Horse Haven. You can read more about Sid here.

As winter melts into spring at the Sanctuary, Sid continues his recovery. Watching him frolic with his herd lets us know that this sweet old guy is pretty happy to be here, too. We’ll continue to care for him and get him ready for a forever home of his own.


Sid and Felix frolic

That home may need to brush up on the feeding habits of hobbits, though. Pretty sure Sid will always need elevenses.