Napping is an important component of looking and feeling your best ― especially if you are a resident of Marshall’s Piggy Paradise. Tippy Toes always looks her best and is a volunteer favorite because of her charming and gentle ways. She loves it when volunteers fuss over her. She enjoys having her ears gently scratched and will roll over for a belly rub at the slightest invitation.

Tippy Toes became homeless for the same reasons as many other pot belly pigs. Despite the best of intentions, people find themselves unable to care for their pig once it is no longer teacup- or beagle-sized. Behavior that might have been cute when their pet weighed five pounds isn’t so cute at 50 pounds. As a result, the few rescue groups and sanctuaries around the country that specialize in caring for these piggy orphans are nearly always filled to capacity.

Pigs can make great pets in the right home. That’s the important part: The home has to be set up to care for these very smart, very social animals. Tippy will make a fantastic pet for a lucky family. In the meantime, she’ll stay here with us  ― safe and loved. She'll help educate volunteers and visitors by just being her wonderful self. She’ll go for walks, enjoy belly rubs and nap with her friends until her new family brings her to their home for more of the same gentle and loving care.