Wilbur came to Best Friends from Arizona in 2009. He is a large cat with an easy purr and an even easier attitude about life. That’s a good thing, because even though Wilbur has a couple of medical challenges that require a little help, he makes it as easy as he can and goes with the flow.


Barbara Williams, media relations manager at Best Friends Animal Society, shares her office with Wilbur as well as a few other humans. But Wilbur is the “person” most people come to visit. And he loves every moment of it. Wilbur enjoys sitting in on meetings, napping in the sun and taking in the desert breezes from an enclosed dog (now a cat) run.


“Wilbur loves to talk to us,” says Barbara. “I have an unsubstantiated theory that there is a Siamese in his ancestry. And enjoys lap time.”

Wilbur at work


Wilbur really loves to be with people and he can usually find a way to wiggle into any activity in the office. He recently tested negative for the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), which is fantastic. But in doing the blood work for that test, it was discovered that Wilbur shows signs of kidney failure. The sweet guy is getting subcutaneous fluids to help his failing kidneys, and in usual Wilbur style, he doesn’t fuss a bit.


It’s hard to say how much time Wilbur has, but everyone hopes that someone will adopt Wilbur and take him home to live out his remaining days (or months) as a beloved family pet. He would fit into just about any home willing to dote on him and to manage his medical needs.

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