I arrived at Cat Headquarters to a scenario worthy of any pool party — lounge chair, foo-foo drink glasses with paper umbrellas and even a papier maché sun. The only thing missing was water. Toys and treats helped lure the cats into posing for some summer-themed photos.

Several felines took the bait and video was shot first. However, that’s when most of the kitties called it quits. There was only one cat who stayed the course for the photo shoot — Eli. Ever the professional, he gave us just what we needed. Pose on a towel in front of the pool? Done. Lie down on the lounge chair with the “sun” in the background? Done. I couldn’t have asked for a better model.

When I went to visit him later in the day to thank him for his cooperation, I discovered that Eli doesn’t need to resort to props to showcase his smoldering good looks and wonderful personality. As soon as I arrived, he got partially on my lap. So I invited him to enjoy my whole lap, and he happily obliged. We sat there together for a while and then, once again, Eli was all business — ready for his second photo shoot of the day. Not surprisingly, he rocked that one as well.

Look out, GQ, there’s a new game in town.

Eli’s adoption fee is waived, and because he’s a solo artist, his flight home is also free.

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