Once reported as shy, Alfonso has blossomed into a gentle fun-loving youngster. Alfonso lives at Casa de Calmar with his brother, Abraham. These two tested positive for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) when they were kittens. But the diagnosis doesn’t slow them down much. Scampering, getting into mischief and being underfoot keep the boys busy.

Silly Alfonso

Alfonso likes to be near people, and he’ll actually get a little pushy once he is comfortable. It’s not a bad pushy, he just really wants all your attention focused on him for a while. And you’ll know when Alfonso is happy. His face will be firmly planted in your hand and he’ll be purring like a chainsaw. 

Alfonso loves his chin rubs.

With just a bit more attention, cats with FeLV can have wonderful lives and make exceptional companions. Alfonso is no exception. This beautiful guy could go into your home today as an only cat, or with other kitties who also have FeLV. He’ll love you and keep you company through good times and bad. But he’ll help make sure there’s lots more good.


Feline leukemia FAQ’s