Stop at Horse Haven, the home for hoofed creatures at Best Friends, and you’ll notice Speedy. If you don’t spot a pair of shaggy ears the size of satellite dishes, you’ll hear him. The iconic bray that echoes through the canyon is as much a part of the Sanctuary as the chorus of barks that fill Dogtown. 

Speedy mid yawn

Speedy has charmed everyone since the day he arrived. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with us in the beginning. Speedy had to be gelded (neutered) and part of his recovery involved exercise. Speedy resisted, but he never got grumpy — just stubborn. 

You can read more about those early days here

Today, Speedy and his best friend Chuck (a horse) live with Fiero and Lucky (two mules). Together they make up the cutest herd at the Sanctuary. They play and amble around their spacious pasture, and Speedy keeps an ear cocked for the familiar rumble of the feed truck. 

Chuck and Speedy

We want more for Speedy and all the animals at the Sanctuary. We want them to be adopted into loving homes of their own. We want them to move on — no matter how much we’ll miss them — so that we have the space to save another equally lovable animal in need. But until that happy day arrives, we will enjoy every moment we have with these magnificent animals and give Speedy and his friends the care they need every day.