It’s been almost a year since we last wrote about Penny. At almost 12 years of age, this former community cat has flourished during her time at the Sanctuary. Penny is the undisputed queen of her cattery at the Colonel’s Barracks. Even young hooligans like Koda give Penny plenty of room as she tours her realm and receives the good wishes of delighted human visitors.

Her health has been holding steady. While she still lives with inflammatory bowel disease, her daily medication, good food and regular check-ups keep her feeling well. Penny’s summer haircut also helps her keep cool and tidy.

Penny continues to show her caregivers just how much she loves to be petted gently. She makes a beeline for any visitors who look like they may be willing to sit down and lavish her with attention.

Penny waiting for some pets.

We are still on the lookout for the right home for Penny. That home could have a few other cats (optional). We think Penny would like it to have sunny spaces to lay down, along with, of course, people to love her.