Little Bedelia wants all the attention for herself. But this girl is facing stiff competition in the form of her amazingly cute kittens! It’s easy for kittens to steal the spotlight away from ― let’s face it ― anything!

Bedelia is very friendly, but her kittens are still a little shy. She takes full advantage of this and immediately flops over on her side for belly rubs and chin scratches whenever she gets a visitor. Her kittens scamper just out of arm’s reach and watch as mommy gets some of the attention she is due.

Bedelia came to the Sanctuary in mid-June from a nearby community. She has been raising her kittens with a little supportive help from the caregivers at Cat World. She’s barely more than a kitten herself! As soon as her kittens are weaned and eating on their own, Bedelia will put the days of being a mom behind her. She can move on to being someone’s baby herself. She certainly deserves all of the love and pampering that comes with that! This girl has worked hard enough!

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