Aesop was on a mission. He made his way down from the rafters and clearly was curious to see what the commotion was about. His sturdy round face watched as Sven and Van Dyke competed for their visitor’s attention.

Aesop looked as if he was making detailed mental notes:

  1. Approach human slowly so as not to startle them.
  2. Casually flop on side and dangle front paw to draw them closer.
  3. Squint eyes, lift chin toward sky and viola you have captured the human and they will scratch all your itchy spots.  

But he’s not quite brave enough to try these steps himself.  

When Aesop arrived at the Sanctuary in 2011, he was very shy. Back then being within arms reach was out of the question. Now Aesop likes to play with volunteers who dangle bright streamers from a wand toy in front of him. He scampers and swats with a kitten-like abandon.

Someone special is going to fall for this wonderful boy. He will blossom in a peaceful home where he’s given time to feel secure. There is little doubt that after a game of swatty paws, he'll simply act out the steps he has been observing for so long and the result will be bliss, for Aesop and that lucky human! Until that time, Aesop will continue to be loved and cared for right here at the Sanctuary.