There’s just something extra special about the FIV+ cats who end up at Best Friends. Perhaps it’s because they are so appreciative. Campbell is such a cat. Originally a stray taken in by a No More Homeless Pets Network partner in Ohio, he was transferred to the Sanctuary. And he’s making the most of it.

Now that Campbell’s worries are behind him, and the biggest threat he might encounter is a late meal, he has discovered the joy of play. So, even though his room contains all brown tabbies who look a lot like Campbell, he’s easy to spot — just bring out an interactive wand toy.

For Campbell, everything seems to be all about the fun. He’d even follow me back and forth between the inside and outside, hoping I’d play with him even more. However, when I was distracted by taking photos of another cat in his room, Campbell decided to take matters into his own paws. No toy? No problem. Campbell just helped himself to my note-taking pencil and made it his personal plaything. Now that’s an entrepreneurial spirit!

Campbell turns a pencil into a toy.

Looking for an adult cat who still plays like a kitten? Look no further than Campbell — and as an added bonus, because he’s a solo artist, his adoption fee and flight to his new home are free.

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