Cory has been teaching visitors and volunteers all about what he can do every day since his arrival at the Sanctuary in 2016. 

Cory can run and climb. Cory can get underfoot and in the way. Cory can hypnotize you with his gaze and keep you laughing at his antics. While Cory doesn't move like other cats, he gets where he wants to go, and often gets there faster than anyone expects.

On this sunny fall day I was visiting with a different cat that calls Quincy House their home-between-homes. But Cory would not be denied, and anywhere I went, Cory was there. Mostly just watching. Sometimes exactly between my original subject and I. Cory is a smart guy, and soon my visit was all about him.

Cory the cat has beautiful green eyes

Cory's story is one of triumph and tolerance. The 'king of zoomies' loves to show exactly how independent he is. But when it's time for his caregivers to help him, he accepts that too, with dignity and a low steady rumble of a purr.

This guy is ready for a very special home. He'll need extra help, but the routine is easy to learn. So if you are looking for a kitty with a 'can do' attitude, he's right here, and he won't let you not notice him.