Marie and her brother Donny (of course) are young American pit bull mixes from California.
These happy, healthy black-and-white kids are smart and easy to please. 

Marie and her brother could pose as the poster pups for resilience. They were rescued by a kindly neighbor who found them in an abandoned house. Sadly, not all the babies survived, but Donny and Marie did. They were vetted and placed into knowledgeable foster homes where they could be cared for and nurtured. 

Marie playing in the park.

Through her foster family, Marie met horses, other dogs and even chickens. Now she is getting to know lizards and roadrunners while she’s at puppy preschool. We have no doubt that Marie will make a fantastic family pet. She and Donny were given so much love from their foster families that these pups practically glow. There is so much love and hope in their eyes, and every day they are one step closer to being adopted and going home.