Radar is a friendly low-key guy. He yields the spotlight to his run mates, which might be the only slightly negative thing to say about Radar. He's too gracious!

No pun intended (well maybe a little one) this gem of a dog has flown under the radar of adopters looking for a best friend. We need to get Radar on the radar!

In the company of people, Radar is in his bliss. He absolutely doesn’t care where you are going, what you are doing, how you are getting there, or how long you’ll stay. He is happy. Car rides? He loves them! Gentle strolls around a ball field? Fantastic! Snuggling on the couch? Heaven!

Radar came to the Sanctuary from a network partner in Arizona. He has some weakness in his hind limbs that our vets are working on. Radar really dislikes cats. Perhaps he was ambushed by a housecat sometime in his past. We'll never know, but his disdain for felines is pretty significant.

Radar in the sand

The perfect home for Radar is really easy to envision. A loving family, maybe not a ton of stairs, and canine sister or two would be great. No cats. That’s it. He really is that easy.