Twyla came to the Sanctuary in 2016 from a shelter in New Mexico where she was found as a stray. She was (and is) very shy. Twyla was reported to be an escape artist. That can go hand in hand with being shy and wanting to avoid contact. When she is scared or startled, Twyla flees. But here at the Sanctuary, Twyla hasn’t shown us the escape side of her gentle and quiet nature. Maybe it’s because her caregivers know the way to most shy dogs’ hearts: patience, lack of pressure and yummy yummy treats.

Visiting with Twyla starts off like visiting with a shadow. If you move too fast or look too quickly she vanishes. But she is a curious shadow and will circle back around and observe you again once you settle down. When you read quietly to her, she’ll even approach you for treats, provided they are yummy enough.

Twyla has a small circle of human friends. She gets positively flirty when her favorite people come around. It’s fun to see that confident and slightly boisterous side of her nature. It’s like a glimpse into her future.

In the right home she will blossom. It’s going to be amazing when sweet Twyla finally believes that the days when people were scary and untrustworthy are behind her, and she can step out of the shadows all on her own, in the loving care of her forever home.

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