It's not every day that you are lucky enough to hang out with a gargoyle. Stitch is a character. Cherry eye, heart murmur, unknown history, all crammed into the funniest looking bow legged knee-high critter ever seen.  It was love at first sight.

Catch up on the story of Stitch here, and you will be hooked too.  And don't be confused, he has lots of interchangeable nicknames..  for example: gargoyle, gremlin, landshark, walrus, manatee and Mr. Naughy Pants are just a few.

We love every snorty, silly and sometimes slimy inch of this creature and hope that someday soon he'll have a cathedral of his own to watch over... or maybe just a couch. He'd be thrilled.

Pit bull mix Stitch is looking for a special home.
Never change Stitch, never change.