Wilbur had been loved by his family, but he never had the chance to be around other pigs. Overfed by his many admirers, he’d never experienced the joy of rooting around for fresh fruits and veggies in a big outdoor enclosure. And, at about 25 pounds over his ideal weight, he certainly didn’t look like he’d ever gotten enough exercise. All of that was about to change.

Caregivers began working with him right away. But Wilbur was skeptical at first. His diet was limited to controlled portions of foods that were healthy and good for pigs. And his caregivers started encouraging him to be more active. What was going on? Wilbur didn’t know and he didn’t like it. He retreated to his piggy igloo and sometimes refused to come out.

But Wilbur met his match and soon was charmed into a new way of life. 

Wilbur and Amy

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