Rosie arrived at the Sanctuary in November of 2016 and from the start, her outlook was always ― well, rosy! You can read about her early days here. Rosie has this quiet confidence, mixed with a touch of naughty and a pinch of been-there-done-that attitude that makes her a wonderful and, at times, comical companion.

Rosie was adopted and spent several months in a loving home. And while she was totally charming in her home and her people loved her dearly, she was never able to win over the other canines around her. So Rosie was brought back to us and she picked up right where she left off, without missing a beat.

Here at the Sanctuary, Rosie lives happily with other dogs and is in good health. She loves outings and sleepovers with volunteers. She is active, bright and her nose is amazing. She can find even the smallest cookie crumb, long forgotten in someone’s pocket.  

Rosie is always ready for some fun.

She really is a charmer and given the chance, her sunny disposition will brighten any home that welcomes her.