Prince recently returned to the small stalls that sit squarely in front of Horse Haven headquarters. These stalls are usually reserved for new arrivals or horses in need of medical care. Prince is in the latter group. In our last report, Prince was spending his summer with his “gang” of hooligans (aka the other young horses) in a very large pasture a little ways up the canyon road. Young horses need time to grow and mature and (frankly) to just be young silly horses. Trainers check in with them frequently to make sure that their lessons about being polite to people don’t get rusty. But during this time the only real responsibility the youngsters have is to grow and enjoy summer.

But then there is Prince. Our little bottle baby has always been special. He is smart and curious, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Recently Prince and his friends were moved to a different even larger pasture, and in the acres available, Prince found something sharp on the ground and got a cut on his leg. Caregivers noticed the injury right away and Prince was moved down to the stalls for veterinary care and some TLC. It wasn’t a bad wound, and if Prince had been just a little bit patient, he would have returned to his buddies and resumed his summer fun.

Prince had other ideas and decided to bang the walls of his stall and further injure that same leg. So now Prince sports a heavy cast-like bandage on his rear leg and endures an official “timeout” while the injury heals.

On the bright side, being so close to the office has allowed folks who haven’t seen him since he was a baby to reacquaint themselves with the little guy. It’s stunning to see how much he has grown, but the most obvious change is his color. He used to be bright red like a penny, but now he is grey. He still loves to walk around with a stick in his mouth, but that’s about all that remains of his baby behaviors.

Prince with his stick.
Prince still loves his stick.

Prince’s enforced rest period should come to an end pretty soon, and once he stops limping, he’ll rejoin the herd and pick up right where he left off — which likely means a little more mischief.