Weighing in at about 17 pounds makes Duffy on the small side physically, but there is nothing small about his personality! Duffy is a senior terrier mix who takes pleasure in all the little things life has to offer. He loves food and will spend a good amount of time working a Kong or other food puzzle to earn his meal.

Despite a heart murmur and high blood pressure (he takes daily medication to keep him feeling great), Duffy loves to get leashed up for his walks on the trails around Dogtown. He also relishes car rides and golf cart rides, especially in the summer, when the Utah afternoons get too hot for most outdoor activities.

However, Duffy’s favorite thing is office time in a quiet space where he can curl up on cozy blankets and beds and simply chill. He visits our trainers’ office once a week for his scheduled office day, where he “supervises” their work. Duffy gets some office time in our kitchen when it’s available, “supervising” his caregivers as they prepare meals and complete paperwork.  

Duffy is ready to wiggle his way into your heart, but until he finds his adoptive home he’ll be hanging out, relaxing and “supervising” in the office or kitchen to his heart’s content.

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