The first thing you might notice about Walter is his size. He is a big boy, with warm brown eyes. Walter is not tall, but very sturdy with thick legs that look like strong tree branches. It's those strong legs that got Walter into trouble in his former home.

Walter is a sturdy senior lab mix.

Seems that one of Walter's favorite hobbies in that home, besides snuggling and napping was landscaping. The unsupervised backyard renovations Walter worked on were not welcomed by his family. Let's face it, not everyone appreciates a well-dug hole. 

Walter is now looking for a second chance. He is a very sweet guy with a gentle nature. He lives in a run with other dogs and has never met a stranger.

Walter looking out the window.

Walter will most likely be a very easy fit into just about any home...provided that they embrace Walter's landscaping hobby or work with him to find a new way to express his creativity. What doesn't need any work at all is Walter's ability to love.

In our eyes Walter is pretty perfect. Holes and all.