This winter has been particularly wet here in southern Utah. We've had more snow than usual, and that's been a bit hard on senior guy Romo. Though he'd never let you know it. Romo is one of the happiest most cheerful faces you could ever meet here at the Sanctuary. He's even been known to be a little naughty. Every now and again, he slips into his old habit. But now, it brings a smile to his caregivers face, a sweet echo of the handful he was in his youth. Age has slowed him down and made his joints ache, and his knees are no fun either. So Romo is getting medication and acupuncture to help keep him comfortable. 

Romo would love a quiet retirement home of his very own. No other pets, he deserves center stage. He likes slow easy walks. A helping hand to get up on the couch would be fantastic. Most likely he'll need frequent supportive veterinary care to keep his discomfort well managed. In return, you'll have an amazing, funny and totally devoted companion who will love you unconditionally for the rest of his days.

If you think you could be Romo's family, click the adoption button on the right of this page. If you cannot take him into your home, but you do have room in your heart, please consider sponsoring him. Your financial support will help us care for Romo and other animals in need.

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