Visiting with Holy Moly and Alice at the dog park is a treat. Moly tends to mosey around, making sure to sniff what needs sniffing and flings sand with abandon.

Holy Moly flings sand

But what he loves most is wading in the pool, and then snuggling with his caregivers. Because who doesn’t like a really big wet dog? And Holy Moly knows just exactly the best way to “slime” his caregivers. He’s had practice. But on this day, it was warm and his caregivers didn’t seem to mind their now soggy, sandy pants. It’s impossible to resist Holy Moly. 

Holy Moly and caregiver Abby

Little did we know that Moly was about to give us all a surprise. During a routine veterinary exam to check up on his degenerative joint disease (X-rays of his elbows and knees), veterinarians noticed some very odd shapes. Turns out Moly had loved some toys so much he decided to eat them. It was a total surprise, because he had never shown his caregivers any hint that a couple of toys were in his belly. 

Holy Moly had surgery to remove the toys and his recovery began. After a couple bumps in the road, Holy Moly is back to being his silly snuggly self. He’s a really good boy, and we really can’t wait to celebrate his adoption. The person who decides to take this big guy home will be so lucky. Every day Holy Moly seems to wake up eager to make the people in his life smile and laugh. And all he ever asks for in return is some belly rubs and snuggles.

Holy Moly loves pets