When Pebbles first came to Best Friends from a network partner in Arizona, she was wary and labeled as a shy dog. The longer she has been with us, the more she has ventured out of her shell to the point where she has blossomed into an affectionate friend to the people she bonds with.

Shy dog class with Pebbles

Pebbles will spot her people from a few hundred feet away, let out a few excited barks and run around her yard until they come in for snuggles and pets. Her snow white fur stands out against the fiery desert sand. Pebbles attends shy dog class and is not at all shy about taking treats from new people. (I mean it, watch your fingers!) Pebbles has even conquered the tables and A-frame on the agility course after eagerly following her beloved caregiver through Tara’s Run. Pebbles is good with other dogs, yet her heart belongs to her human friends.

Pebbles pillow

It’s unclear what makes Pebbles bond with certain people over others, but it’s perfectly clear when she loves someone. She runs around excitedly, jumps in your lap and rolls around for belly rubs.

Pebbles has caught the eye of potential adopters, but so far, no match. I am confident that given a patient adopter and a slow and gentle introduction Pebbles will meet that perfect person. And once that connection is made, Pebbles will never leave their side.