Barat is a sturdy American pit bull terrier mix. He’s a big guy, and at first glance he can look pretty intense. Turns out, he’s big old softy.

Barat lived in a home, but his strength became too much for his elderly owner. It was a difficult transition for Barat and when he first arrived he was a very frightened guy. One of Barat’s caregivers, Alaina, recalls the time she took Barat out to the admissions play yard. She thought some time outside in this relatively small and securely fenced area would be good for him. Fresh air and a bright blue sky can be soothing. Well, it was a little too soon for Barat, and while it was easy to take him out to the yard, it took hours to convince him that it was safe to be leashed up and go back into the nice warm building.

Barat looking a little worried  

We learned something important about Barat that day. When he is really spooked, he will try to run away. And that this great big dog is surprisingly fast and agile. That’s important information that helped guide a training plan for him. Making him feel safe and taking the necessary precautions to keep this unlikely flight risk dog safe became a top priority.

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Slow steady interactions with new people soon won him over. The instant he finally realized that he was safe, it was like his heart opened right up. Spooky barking was replaced with sloppy kisses and furious tail-wagging. 

Using the same deliberate process, we are trying to help Barat be less afraid of new places. He’s doing well, but we are taking it slow. Barat has chewed through fences in an effort to get somewhere else. We really aren’t sure if he was trying to escape from where he was, or if he was determined to go find his human friends. In either case, Barat is very clever at finding new ways to leave. 

These days, Bart wants to be in the laundry room at Dogtown admissions. This big lug is completely content to supervise from behind a standard baby gate. He is just happy to be in the middle of all the action, as long as he can hear and see his human friends.

Barat watching for friends

So if you are looking for a gentle giant who really needs to be near you, Barat is your guy.