Contentment radiates from Milton like warm spring sunshine. The gentle heat feels so good that people don’t want to budge once they find it. That’s fine with Milton. He likes company, but not the pushy kind. Hanging out side by side and enjoying the view together is just delightful for this very easy guy.

The quiet life suits Milton. He is happiest when life moves at a predictable pace. He was born in 2013 and spent his early years in an overcrowded situation in California before being rescued and transported to the Sanctuary in Utah. Milton has the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), so a low-stress lifestyle helps him stay in top form.

Milton smiling

Milton is a kindred spirit to people comfortable in their own company. If you enjoy people-watching, you understand that Milton doesn’t need to be in the middle of everything to have fun. His joy comes from within, and that contentment spreads out (just like sunshine) to fill every corner of any room.