Bluebell had a home for 11 years, but life can take a turn and this sensible senior found herself homeless. This change in circumstance has ruffled her fur. Moving from an only child her entire life to suddenly having to share space and her caregivers with other felines has been a bit unsettling for Bluebell. But Bluebell is made of sturdy stuff and with time and patience she has rediscovered her confidence.

When Bluebell first arrived, she spent much of her time up in the rafters watching warily from a safe perch well out of arm's reach. Now she practically stomps across the room when a visitor opens the door of her cattery. Her hopeful fluffy face is curious to see if perhaps this visitor is the one who will take her home.

Caregivers alerted me that Bluebell can be swatty. In this environment, she reaches her petting threshold pretty quickly and will swat and holler when she’s had enough. I took the note, and Bluebell and I got along just fine. Afterall, who am I to judge if five strokes is the perfect amount of pets to her head? Bluebell gets to call the shots.

Bluebell is making progress and every day she seems more relaxed. Caregivers can brush her to work the tangles out of her fluffy coat, so we know that she enjoys the attention. In a home with a slower pace, Bluebell will thrive.