Youngster Abraham likes to nap - on the floor, in a bed, on a perch. He can sleep anywhere. Being a lilac point beauty must be exhausting! Abraham’s brother Alfonso is positively ambitious when compared to his brother.

Snoozing Abraham

Now some folks might say Abraham is a bit lazy. Not so! The ‘chill’ is strong in this boy. Abraham resides at Casa de Calmar (the building in Cat World dedicated to cats with feline leukemia) where he monitors all the activity in the lobby. He’s one of the greeters - eager to say hello to volunteers and tours. Batting those gorgeous blue eyes at adoring fans and leaping onto laps takes a lot of energy.

Abraham resting on a perch.

Being so relaxed is very good for Abraham’s health. The feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is much more troublesome for cats that are high strung. FeLV weakens the immune system, which in turn makes these cats more prone to illness. Stress makes everything worse. So, Abraham’s very nature helps keep him well. 

Feline leukemia FAQ’s

What could make life even better? A home. Abraham will do well in a loving home that can provide lots of snoozing spots. In return Abraham will demonstrate the vital life skills of how not to stress out, and how to catch some zzz’s anywhere!

Blue eyed Siamese eager for affection.