Ollie is a Sanctuary favorite. It’s easy to see why. He is huge, fluffy and has a very expressive face. But recently he’s had his fair share of difficulties. He was having some behavioral issues that were the only way he could express that he was not happy. His stress level was too high, and this sensitive guy had a chronic upset stomach and was being grumpy with the caregivers he loved the most. Shortly after my last visit with him, a spot opened up for him in Old Dogtown. That change has been good for Ollie. His stress has gone way down, and this sensitive soul is playing again.

We recently had snow at the Sanctuary, and I think the photos of Ollie and two of his caregivers, Becca and Mel speaks volumes. 

Thank you for helping us care for Ollie and all the other pets who find themselves in need of shelter and help.

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