Moqui sure brought a smile to our faces during our extended outing and sleepover time with him. We couldn’t help but laugh at his mannerisms. For example, he would diligently wipe his face on the non-slip rug in the kitchen after each meal, making sure his muzzle was crumb-free. 

Crumb free zone.

He was quite the snuggle monster, too. He loved nothing more than to hug and cuddle with us. In fact, he preferred physical affection over treats during our time together. He leaned his body against us when we petted him and would lay on our feet when he wasn’t on the couch. He wanted to be as close to us as he could be at all times. 

He walked like a champ on the Water Trail at the Sanctuary, and he put his feet in the water without hesitation. He was so easy to walk, and he enjoyed smelling under every rock and bush he passed along the way. 

Moqui likes water

Moqui had a delightful little snore when he slept, and he took turns sleeping on the couch and the bed. He did kind of hog the bed, but we didn’t mind because he looked so content. Moqui enjoyed riding in the car, and he settled down quickly when one of us was in the backseat with him. He exuded such exuberance about everything and he was incredibly lovable and absolutely adorable. We hope he finds his forever home soon!