Shiny as a new penny, Solarflare gazed affectionately up at a volunteer who stopped to give him a few pets. In typical flirty Solarflare fashion, he blinked once or twice and then offered up his belly for some rubs. Solarflare loves people. That's a really good thing because Solarflare has special needs that require human help several times per day.

As a youngster in NYC, Solarflare encountered some misadventure and hurt his spine. As a result, he has some mobility issues and cannot urinate on his own. Solarflare needs his bladder expressed twice a day. Solarflare lives at Quincy House, the area in Cat World that houses many of the Sanctuary's special-needs cats. Fortunately, Solarflare is so loving he makes it easy to help with his 'bathroom breaks'. 

Solarflare is ready for a home of his own with someone who doesn't mind the extra care he requires. That lucky someone will be rewarded with an extra special friend who has extra special love to share.