Char moves slower and much more cautiously than what you'd expect from an 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. Part of that slowness is due to her eyes, but you can't help but feel there is more to it. Now that Char is in Dogtown, everyone is determined to help this little lady feel better and find her sassy side. 

Char is blind or mostly blind. It's unclear if she can see at all but her head tilt is reminiscent of Helen the horse. Perhaps like Helen, Char tips her head in just that way to catch as much light as she can and is able to see shadows and sunlight. 

Char behind Dogtown HQ desk

Currently, she spends the day behind the desk in Dogtown HQ. Her caregiver Jeri is careful to place beds and bowls in the same location so that Char feels confident getting around. And while Char may move slowly, her ears never miss a thing. Like little radar dishes, they move and focus in on any tiny noise that Jeri makes, always keeping track of where her friend is.

Caring for a blind dog FAQ's

As we are learning more about Char, her medical needs are becoming clearer. Tests are ongoing, but so far we know that she has some kidney troubles. This could contribute to her feeling crummy, and the vets are hard at work making sure Char gets the best care possible and feels better soon. 

So welcome little Char! We already love you and can't wait to help you find a home and your sparkle again!