Zeus, a senior pit bull mix, is a favorite here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. That’s why, after a routine vet appointment turned into anything but routine, his caregivers and friends knew they had to act.

Senior dogs develop lumps and bumps all the time. So caregivers weren’t all too concerned when Zeus went for his checkup at the Best Friends clinic. But this time that one bump turned out to be cancer.

His friends were devastated. Thankfully this sweet boy is not in any pain, but due to his age and overall health, aggressive treatment won’t be an option. Instead, we're determined to make every single day special for Zeus.

Zeus and caregiver Terran

That’s going to mean extra belly rubs, special treats, and a lot of TLC. But what would make everyone’s heart feel a little bit lighter is if Zeus could spend whatever time he has left in a home of his very own.

Zeus all cozy in his blanket

Because he is medically fragile, that home would probably have to be extra special and near the Sanctuary. If Zeus really tugs at your heart and you feel that your home (wherever it is) is the right one for this very precious dog, please read his adoption profile and fill out an application to begin the conversation.