Slurpee is delighted to have a new job. She is the unofficial Horse Haven welcome wagon, albeit minus the wagon.

Usually Slurpee and her friends are in a pasture with much less foot traffic passing by their bucolic enclosure. Because of a construction project further down the canyon road, many of the residents of Horse Haven are in different spots than usual. For most, the novelty of a location change wears off after a little bit and the equines get back to their horsey activities: napping, sunning and eating — all very calm and peaceful, with plenty of room away from the fence line where people tend to gather. Our horses can choose to hang out and visit, or drift away from the fence and enjoy human-free time.

But Slurpee is always at the fence. If she could climb into your pocket, she would. She is a very tall girl, and her true size becomes evident as you approach her. It’s hard to say if it’s that surprised attention from guests and volunteers marveling at her size, or if it’s just her pure delight in being the center of human attention. It doesn’t really matter, because when Slurpee is happy, everyone is smiling.

Slurp never misses the opportunity to poke her long face over the fence and snuffle a jacket, purse backpack. She’s just making sure that everyone visiting Horse Haven gets the opportunity for an up-close-and-personal meeting with a horse.

If your stable or farm could use a greeter, Slurpee would be perfect. We’d miss her for sure, but having a forever home is the goal we set for all the animals here at the Sanctuary.