On a recent sunny afternoon, Clearie tried to stow away in a camera bag. Was this a half-hearted attempt to escape? To go on an adventure? Or maybe Clearie just wanted to be the center of attention. Smart and beautiful, Clearie is the total package!

Clearie arrived at Cat World in 2015. Life for Clearie started off as part of a community cat colony, but this guy was friendly, not feral. The folks managing the colony brought him inside and he began a new life and a new journey. This new journey led to the Sanctuary in the hope that it would help him find a home of his very own. Clearie is a senior guy and loves people. He loves people so much that he gets grumpy when his friends try to steal his volunteers. What Clearie really craves is a home of his own, with people of his own. Dog’s are OK in Clearie’s book, but people by far are his favorite other animal.

So if you have a camera bag that needs someone to hold it down or a lap that could use a feline blanket, Clearie is ready to join your family. In the meantime, he’s part of our family and we'll take good care of this handsome and funny boy.