Donner was a puppy in 2009 when she and her siblings arrived at the puppy care center. Fuzzy, fluffy and scared, the little cuties got a great start at the Sanctuary. When Donner was old enough and had been spayed, she was adopted into a loving home of her own.

Donner and her baby siblings

Donner had been in that home for years when suddenly her person could no longer care for her. But she had a safe place to land. She came back to Dogtown where she could be loved and cared for just like when she was a baby.

Donner had grown and changed. She was still fluffy and beautiful, but she was all grown up and had pretty strong opinions about life. She made it clear that she wanted to be an only pet. She also was fearful of strangers and not unlike Wyatt, really didn't like cars. 

The caregivers who went to work to help Donner live with less fear discovered that she loves string cheese. So, when a friendly stranger brings an offering of this very magical stuff, Donner skips being bashful and goes straight to BFF status. 

Is that cheese?

Armed with this shortcut Donner’s caregivers are able to ease her into scary situations with barely a glance. String cheese means fun and friends, and now that Donner has had many great experiences, she is even willing to be brave when there isn’t any cheese around.

Caregivers and volunteers in Dogtown will continue to work with Donner at her pace. Someone will fall in love with this very good girl, and make her part of their family. We will make sure they know to have some string cheese to help smooth out any bumps they encounter along the way home.

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