You just never know what you'll see at Horse Haven. Caregivers are busy keeping all their hoofed charges healthy and safe. A healthy mind is part of that equation too. All over the Sanctuary enrichment is used to help the animals keep learning and stay curious. The form of the enrichment depends on what the animal needs and might enjoy. From foraging toys to stroller rides, food puzzles to a simple stroll down a country lane. All different, but all help improve the lives of the animals.

Amy and Sid on a walk

Sid is a handsome and very smart La Mancha goat. Sid loves to go on walks with his caregiver Amy. He'll follow her anywhere, anytime. They will stroll around Horse Haven and visit the other enclosures just to see what is going on. So while Sid is the one getting the walk, the benefits ripple outward and suddenly it's like the dusty road is a red carpet as all the critters on either side crane their necks to see who is going by.

Sid loves to walk down the lane

It's clear that Sid enjoys the activity (as does Amy) and as his confidence grows we'll try to keep pace and offer him creative ways to explore. Maybe the Welcome Center will need a greeter, or perhaps he'll help guide one of the nature hikes. Red carpet or not, Sid is already a star. And the next adventure we are hoping for is the one that leads him to his forever home.

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