Prince arrived at the Sanctuary a little more than one year ago. He was tiny, weighing only about 45 pounds, which made him resemble a gangly Great Dane puppy rather than a healthy mustang foal. Prince was feisty though, and despite being rejected by his mom, he adapted quickly to being raised by humans. You can read about his early days here.

He has stayed on the small side (not unlike the artist he was named for), but he is healthy and having a great summer living with the Sanctuary’s small herd of youngsters. Recently the herd (which also includes Kiwi, Patrick, Apollo and Wire), moved to a large pasture all their own. The horses came out of the trailer, and just like kids getting off the bus for that first morning of summer camp, there was much running, jumping and kicking up of heels. Despite the heat, the “kids” galloped all over their new location, scouting every nook and cranny.


So Prince and his gang will spend a good bit of the summer doing just what youngsters should do: play, get dirty and likely get into some mischief — all the while getting stronger and more mature under the watchful loving eye of caregivers.

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