Rory has a lot of fur to be managed, so it's a good thing she lets her caregivers help her out. She tolerates grooming. But when her caregivers start to brush her belly, this girl gets very quiet. Mostly because she's fallen fast asleep. She loves it so much, and she's so relaxed she just nods right off. She also loves (like crazy loves) water. Snow is water, so she likes that, too. Toys are fun! So on a bright winter day, Rory had tons of fun.

Rory will need a special home that has time for gently brushing her plush coat. And there will have to be time set aside in the summer for playing in the water. Until then, you can help Rory on this journey by sponsoring her until that perfect someone comes along ― someone who can think of no better way to spend a quiet afternoon than brushing this gal’s belly until she falls asleep.