New arrivals Crosley and Ebbets are siblings in a litter named after ballparks around the country. These pups and their brothers and sisters will be available for adoption soon, but we couldn't resist a sneak peek. mean we can't share some of their cuteness ahead of time with you. They are learning the ropes at Puppy Preschool to help them adjust to their new homes (when they are found), but today the only thing on their agenda was to frolic and play in the puppy park.

Crosley running across the park

You can watch for available puppies here. In the meantime, here is a little taste of summer to brighten up your week!

These babies are too little to adopt or sponsor yet, but you can help right now. From welcome gift baskets to puppy care kits, you can give a meaningful gift that makes all the difference for new arrivals at the Sanctuary. Give a lifesaving gift that gives back.

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