What is it about cats and sunbathing? One minute kitty is on a mission marching across the room, and in the next moment, that same kitty abruptly stops for a lazy roll on a sunny patch of sand, or even a casual flip-flop on a sun-baked corner of the catio floor. Once the sun-worshipping is over, it is back to business as if nothing had delayed her.

Perhaps it’s a reminder to take a moment and enjoy something, just because you can. Then there’s Dilly. She delights in lounging in the sun until you’d think her fur would melt. Maybe she’s part lizard, or maybe she just knows how pretty she looks in that golden glow. Perhaps she takes ‘living in the moment’ more seriously than we do, because she makes those pleasurable moments last for as long as possible.

Despite her hind limbs being paralyzed, Dilly goes wherever Dilly wants. And usually that path is from one sunny vantage point to another. Recently a young volunteer and his family made Dilly her very own custom couch. She loves it, as do the other kitties who share her cattery at Cat World.

Dilly has lived at Best Friends most of her 11 years. She came to the Sanctuary as a kitten with special needs. On her arrival, she was a typical kitten in every way, except that her hind legs didn’t work. You can read about those early days and view some adorable kitten pictures here.

Could Dilly live in a home? You bet! That home would need to be very special. Dilly gets around pretty well unaided. But she needs to have her bladder expressed twice a day. That might be a tall order, but we have hope that someone will meet Dilly and know that she is the perfect fit for the family. Until that time, we will continue to take care of Dilly and all her friends at Cat World. And she’ll continue to help remind us all to enjoy the sun and to take time to relax in its warmth.

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