Memory lost her home after her person passed away; however, when she got to the Sanctuary, she wanted nothing to do with “rabbit food.” Romaine lettuce? No thank you. Timothy hay pellets? No way. Cilantro? I don’t think so.

See, her diet consisted of toaster strudels, which are pretty much as far from healthy rabbit food as you can get. She was obese, yet malnourished, so she initially had to be fed Critical Care, a recovery food for herbivores (on the Sanctuary wish list). Then she graduated to real rabbit food.

Would you eat lettuce after a lifetime of breakfast pastries? Nope, and Memory wasn’t having any of it either. It took two months to transition her to a healthy diet and now she’s become a bit of a diva. Now she’ll toss her food bowl in the morning if caregivers don’t fill it quickly enough with the balanced and healthy food she’s grown to love.

Don’t worry though, Memory still gets an occasional treat; though instead of a strudel, it’s a dehydrated strawberry.