I love goats. I think I say this every time I write about our caprine friends here at the Sanctuary. It's true, though. I really do. They instantly make me smile. And speaking of smiles, Sid's is the best. Doesn't he look like he has a grill? “Gangsta Goat” is what would have named him, though he is no thug.

Sid's curiosity got the best of him the other day while I was visiting an adjacent stall. He is just tall enough that he can peek over the top of the wall to see what is going on at his neighbors. He basically 'chin surfed' the entire time I was there. What a silly guy!

Sid watched my every move

Sid lives with Gromit, and they are both La Mancha goats. Their appearance can be alarming, but it makes them easy to identify. Read Gromit’s story and see his photographs, and you’ll see why.

Sid and Gromit are still so new at the Sanctuary that their adoption profiles are not ready. Comment below if you are interested in adopting these guys and I'll put you in contact with adoptions. You can be part of their story by becoming a sponsor. Your gift will help us keep Sid happy and healthy, with excellent nutrition and care.