Six-year-old Tigger is not content to lounge on a windowsill. His natural curiosity, energy and desire for human attention can quickly turn into boredom, and he finds ways to entertain himself — usually by escaping through whatever door he feels is holding him back from his best life.

Tigger learned to walk on a leash

While it’s true that Tigger needs more adventure than most cats, he can get himself into situations that make him anxious to the point that he’ll scratch and bite. When his life is plenty exciting and interesting (but in a safe way), his behavior improves greatly. That’s why caregivers at Cat World are giving Tigger everything he needs to keep him happy and not so focused on door-dashing.

Often, cats who need more action feel comfortable in the lobby of their cattery. They get to see all the action and be involved with more activities. So Tigger tried the lobby life too.  All the commotion made Tigger feel so agitated that, whenever someone tried to pick him up to take him back to his room, he’d lash out with his teeth and claws. His redirected stress and frustration sent a clear message: He desperately needed time each day to explore the world outside of his room and to satisfy his curiosity. He also needed a way to do it that would keep everyone happy and safe.

To help, Tigger’s caregivers designed a behavior plan to reduce his anxiety, give him the socialization and adventure that he craves and teach him skills that would allow people to handle him safely. First, with the help of a clicker, Tigger learned to walk willingly into a cat carrier. This way, when he escaped his room, he could be taken back safely and securely in the carrier with no additional stress.

Tigger turned out to be a star pupil. Slow steady training led Tigger to more freedom and more adventure. Tigger learned to walk on a leash, and slowly but surely this adventurous kitty got to feel the wind through his whiskers while riding in a golf cart. Enjoy the video and full story below.

Tigger on a golf cart ride

While Tigger is waiting for a family to drive off into the sunset with, we'll keep him safe and happy here at the Sanctuary.

Tigger is ready to drive off into the sunset.